BD Expert Education has recently signed a contract with one of Canada’s top public universities, the University of Regina. This university is offering fantastic benefits to international students, making it a great opportunity for those who want to pursue higher education abroad. You can apply with or without IELTS.

Firstly, the University of Regina is providing up to a 60% discount on tuition fees, making it more affordable for students. Additionally, they have a low initial deposit requirement and a quick 7-day turnaround time for visa processing. The university also offers the easiest way to obtain permanent residency (PR) in Canada. They provide conditional offer letters, which means you can secure a spot even before meeting all the requirements. Furthermore, living costs in Regina are relatively low, and Bangladeshi students are even offered one year of free housing. There are also job opportunities available on campus, allowing students to gain valuable work experience while studying. Finally, the university accepts all English proficiency tests, and only six months of work experience are needed to apply. This is an excellent and straightforward opportunity for students who are eager to pursue higher education abroad.

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