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Congratulations to Md. Touhidul Islam on His Remarkable Achievement in Receiving the UK Student Visa

Md. Touhidul Islam has successfully obtained his UK Student Visa to pursue a Master’s degree in Supply Chain & Management at University of South Wales in the
United Kingdom. BD Expert Education takes great pride in having facilitated and assisted Mr. Touhid throughout his visa application process. We extend our heartfelt
congratulations to him on this significant achievement and convey our best wishes for his forthcoming academic journey.

Mr. Touhid’s unwavering commitment to his educational pursuits is indeed admirable. We harbor no doubt that he will excel in his academic endeavors at University of
South Wales, marking the commencement of a promising career trajectory. BD Expert Education remains dedicated to empowering and guiding students like
Mr. Touhid as they endeavor to realize their aspirations of international education. Our commitment to delivering exceptional support to all our students throughout
their educational pursuits remains resolute.Once again, we congratulate Mr. Touhidul Islam on the successful attainment of his student visa. We eagerly
anticipate witnessing his continued accomplishments and academic achievements during his tenure in the United Kingdom and beyond.

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